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Conifer sawfly larva key

Image showing 25 digitally illustrated sawfly larva, arranged in eight rows of three, plus one more on the bottom left, with text reading "North American Pine Sawflies" in white space at bottom right. Sawflies are all viewed from the side, with head to the left, all varying in color and pattern. Beneath each sawfly is the species name in smaller italic text.

A new article published in July in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management summarizes knowledge of sawflies that feed on conifer trees, makes recommendations for management strategies, and provides what is likely the first in-color larval key to identifying these species. As most keys focus on adult internal and external morphology, this key—which uses larval color and other easily distinguishable field characteristics—is likely to be much more useful to forest health personnel in the field. (Adapted from image originally published in Davis et al 2023, Journal of Integrated Pest Management)

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