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blueberry pollen

Microscope image of pollen grains from highbush blueberry. In the center of the image are two clumps of several round grains, purple in color. A scale bar indicates each clump is approximately 45 microns in diameter. Accompanying text reads "Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry cultivar), Highbush Blueberry, Michael Killewald, Isaacs Lab, Michigan State University, 2017, 400X."

A study of managed bumble bees and honey bees on a blueberry farm finds that most of the pollen they collect comes from other plants, suggesting that supplementing crops with a diversity of nearby plant types makes for healthier bees. After collecting pollen from bees returning to hives, researchers analyzed pollen types under a microscope, finding a wide variety, from plants such as blueberry, buckthorn, cherry, and many more. (Photo by Michael Killewald)

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