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Christina Limbert with mosquito trap

A woman in a light blue denim shirt with a gray hood, brown pants, and a black baseball hat stands in a gravel parking area near a garage with green tractors while she holds a mosquito trap from her hight hand. The trap has a blue cylindrical cooler on top, below which hangs a flat black disk, under which is a long white cylindrical net with a wider cylindrical net at the bottom.

The Public Health Entomology for All program fosters a new generation of public health entomologists with backgrounds in a variety of scientific fields. Participants in the 2023 program learned through hands-on experience at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labs and mosquito-control districts across the U.S. Christina Limbert, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Pembroke, served as a summer intern with the CDC in Fort Collins, Colorado, which exposed her to mosquito control programs, broadening her understanding of public health aspects related to entomology. “It was nice to get a little bit more insight into how the public health field worked,” she says.

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