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Amblyseius swirskii mites and eggs

Two-part image: On top, two mites are visible on a green plant surface. The mites' bodies are each somewhat flat and oval-shaped, with mottled dark-brown coloration while elsewhere light brown and semi-translucent. Above them are two small whitish, semi-translucent eggs. At bottom, several similar eggs are visible in a bunch nestled in the crook of a dark red vein of a plant leaf running horizontally across the image and a smaller vein branching upward to the left.

The mite Amblyseius swirskii shows a preference for plants with small shelters called domatia, as illustrated here at top, where A. swirskii two eggs have been laid on the domatia of a bell pepper leaf, accompanied by two adult females. At bottom, a cluster of A. swirskii eggs appear in the domatia of an ornamental pepper leaf. (Image originally published in Lopez 2023, Journal of Integrated Pest Management)

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