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bees or wannabees

On a white background, a large circle shows 16 images of bees and look-alike insects, each framed in a puzzle-piece shape and number 1 through 16. All of the bees and look-alikes are alive in natural settings, visiting flowers or plants. They vary in colors, with many in shades of black, yellow, and brown; some striped, an some iridescent green or blue. Atop the page is text reading "University of Minnesota Extenson | Bees or Wanna-Bees?" Around the circle are four speech bubbles, with text reading "How many of these pollinators have you see in your yard?" "Can you find all six wanna-bees?" "Find the bee that is carrying pollen on her belly," and "How can you support a wide diversity of pollinators in your garden?"

Among educational resources in the University of Minnesota’s Pollinator Education Toolkit is a poster that illuminates the differences between bees and insects that look similar or even mimic bees, such as some wasps and flies. (Screenshot of portion of poster courtesy of University of Minnesota Bee Lab)

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