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Extensión en Español blog

Screenshot of a post on the Extensión en Español blog. Atop the page, the title reads "Extensión en Español | Blogs de Extensión de la Universidad de Maryland." Below that are four bold links running in a row: "Posteos Recientes | Todos los Posteos | Eventos | Quiénes somos | Contacto." Below that is a full-width horizontal image of a tree-lined hillside. Below that on the left 60% of the page is an article with the headline "Mosca linterna con manchas: la especie invasora más reciente que se está extendiendo por el este de los Estados Unidos" followed by a closeup image of a spotted lanternfly on the palm of a hand. On the right side column is a search box, then a menu titled "Categorías" with bulleted links below reading "Frutas | Huerta | Naturaleza | Pesticidas | Plagas | Polinización." Further down are menus titled "Próximos Eventos" and "Posteos Recientes."

The Extensión en Español blog hosted by the University of Maryland offers Spanish-language information on topics such as agricultural production, pest control, gardening, horticulture and the environment. Shown here is a post about the invasive spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula). (Screenshot courtesy of University of Maryland)

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