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entomology online photo sharing

Figure with two charts. Left axis labeled "Number of publications" and bottom axis labeled with even-numbered years from 2004 through 2021. Top chart shows black dots for each year starting with 2006, which move slowly upward from 0 to 200 as years progress until 2016, when the slope increases greatly from 200 to over 500 by 2021. Bottom chart shows stacks of colored dots for each year starting in 2006 through 2021. The dots are bunched closely together every year starting in 2006 through 2019, when the blue dot for iNaturalist rises from below 50 to ~225 by 2021. The other dots spread apart slightly in those years but all remain at roughly 50 or below.

The number of entomological research publications that use community-derived photograph data every year is growing rapidly. Chart A shows the total number of publications per year, and chart B shows the number of publications per year for the five most-used websites. (BG: BugGuide; BV: Biodiversidad Virtual; iNat: iNaturalist; LF: Lepiforum; OIF: Observation International Foundation. (Figures originally published in Skvarla and Fisher 2023, Annals of the Entomological Society of America)

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