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spotted lanternfly trapping

Closeup of a tree trunk in front of a gray house. Wrapped around the top part of the visible portion of the trunk is a white material speckled with many small dark flecks and a few spotted lanternflies. Below the white material is clear plastic, and over both is metal chicken wire. Below, on the unwrapped portion of the tree trunk, eight spotted lanternflies are visible, all appearing to head upward toward the sticky white material.

Researchers at Penn State University studied the relationship between the spotted lanternfly’s development cycle and temperature, collecting samples of spotted lanternflies via sticky traps placed on trees in a suburban neighborhood in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, not far from where the insect was first detected in the U.S. in 2014. It has now expanded its range to at least 14 states. (Photo by John Rost)

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