Entomology Today is a project of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). The purpose of this website is to report interesting discoveries in the world of insect science, news and events from entomological societies, and to feature periodic articles by volunteer authors.

ESA has been connecting entomologists and others with a fascination for insects for the past 125 years. ESA members total nearly 7,000 individuals from around the world who study insects, their importance, and their impact on the world’s population. And ESA certification’s program has provided credentials for those who help control insect pests in urban environments.

Whether you are a hobbyist, student, pest management professional, researcher, involved in education or industry—or just plain love insects, you should find our blog full of interesting and captivating information. Do you know how many insects there are in the world? Or know the difference between an insect and a bug? Or where the latest species are being discovered?

Stay connected with our blog and you’ll learn these answers and a whole lot more!  And visit www.entsoc.org for details on becoming more connected to the world of entomology.

If you have questions or ideas for articles, see our Author Guidelines, or contact:

Joe Rominiecki
Manager of Communications
Entomological Society of America
301-731-4535, ext. 3009

The Entomological Society of America can be contacted at:

Entomological Society of America
3 Park Place, Suite 307
Annapolis, MD 21401-3722

Phone: 301-731-4535
Fax: 301-731-4538


  1. Dr. Saleem M. Rana says:

    It is very economical mode of information dissemination, especially very useful for underdeveloped/developing countries’ entomologists.

  2. Very good scientific, research informative organization regarding farming society. Being extension entomologist my best wishes to do work.We hopes U R organization doing updates the scientists and farmers families to make high yielding and healthy food with us.
    Thanking U
    With my best regards.
    Ajaykumar G.Sugawe
    SMS (entomology)
    Krishi Vigyan Kendra.Tondapur.Dist.Hingoli.
    Maharashtra, India.

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