a field of yellow wildflowers extending to the horizon, with a wire fence with wooden posts in the foreground, and a blue sky with fluffy white clouds above.

Supporting Pollinator Habitats Through Operation Pollinator

Sponsored post: Biodiversity is essential for effective crop production and the health of our natural resources. Ensuring a sustainable food supply requires each of us to play a role in preserving our land and protecting pollinators and other beneficial insects and animals. Syngenta understands the importance of the interconnectedness of agriculture and nature and is committed to helping biodiversity flourish.

green caterpillar with dark stripes along its length crawls vertically on an ear of corn (maize) near an larval exit hole

Fall Armyworm Study Shows Maize, Sorghum as Preferred Host Plants

Studies have shown host plants for fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) potentially numbering in the hundreds, but a group of researchers suggests differentiating between plants that the insect prefers for its full life cycle versus those that are more likely to be secondary food sources.

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The Best of 2022 on Entomology Today

Take a look back at what Entomology Today readers found most interesting and engaging in 2022—plus what generated buzz in ESA's social media channels and its family of journals.