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Category: The Entomology Profession

Perspectives on the insect-science profession, from new methods to career guidance, and more

Why One Entomologist Works to Discover New Agricultural Innovations

Meet entomologist Sajjan Grover, Ph.D., whose work as a senior scientist in early discovery and product development at Bayer Crop Science earned him a spot in the Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium at Entomology 2023. Learn more about Grover and his work in this next installment of our "Standout Early Career Professionals" series.

Closeup of a butterfly perched on thin green leaves with its wings spread wide. The butterfly's wings have an orange base color with black veins and bordering, and small white spots within the black border and in the top middle of its forewings.

The Growing Utility of Online Photo Sharing for Entomology Research

The increasing volume of insect photo observations shared on iNaturalist and similar sites can no longer be ignored, and entomologists are finding ways to use it. A review in Annals of the Entomological Society of America digs into best practices for bolstering entomological research with this growing body of citizen-science data.  

View of a brightly lit conference room from behind the presenters' table, looking at 15 rows of 10 seats. The chairs, all empty, are light brown with red cushions and backs. The table cloth in the foreground is red, and on the table sit pads of paper, white bowls of small snacks, bottles of water, and small microphones. The walls and carpet are a light cream color.

How Specialty Conferences Can Broaden Horizons for Entomology Students

Scientific meetings for focused specialties and subfields offer a valuable complement to larger conferences like the ESA Annual Meeting. An entomology student shares his experience from the Society of Island Biology's 2023 conference, which offered unique opportunities in cross-discipline communication and international collaboration.