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Category: The Entomology Profession

Perspectives on the insect-science profession, from new methods to career guidance, and more

Adekunle Adesanya, Ph.D., and Julian Golec, Ph.D.

Something New Every Day: Working at Corteva Agriscience

Sponsored post: For entomologists seeking variety and innovation in their work, a career in the agricultural industry can be a path to make real-world impacts. Two entomologists at Corteva Agriscience share their experience as field scientists.

malaise trap

Collecting Insects: Tricks of the Trade

New to insect collecting? Whether you're a student just getting started in entomology or a hobbyist exploring your own backyard, here's a primer on tools and tactics for gathering a variety of insects and arthropods.

science-communication strategy

Successful Science Communication Starts With a Strategy

No matter the setting, communicating about science requires an understanding of both your audience and your goal and adapting your message and approach accordingly. Here's a simple framework for creating your science-communication strategy.

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