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Category: Amazing Insects

Amazing insect stories, insects in pop culture, and answers to common bug questions

Insect costumes

These Insect Costume Designers are Dressed to Impress

Trick or treat? From colorful ornaments to foamy bubbles to piles of "junk," a variety of insects wear clever disguises that protect or hide them from predators. Learn about several of these insect ensembles—and perhaps find some inspiration for your next Halloween costume.  

Promecognathus Beetle Millipede Brawl

These Beetles Withstand Cyanide Blasts to Eat Millipedes

Flat-backed millipedes that defend themselves with cyanide have a fearsome foe in Promecognathus beetles, which are unfazed by the potent poison. A new study shows the beetles have evolved a unique tolerance for cyanide—rather than avoidance behavior or some other countermeasure—but the underlying mechanism remains unclear.