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Category: Research News

Recent entomological research from ESA journals, members, and beyond

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mosquito larva strikes

Harpoon Heads, Sweeping Tails: How Predatory Mosquito Larvae Capture Prey

With striking high-speed video footage, scientists have for the first time detailed how predatory mosquito larvae attack and capture prey in aquatic habitats. Published this week in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America, this new research sheds light on behavior that has long proven too small and too fast to study, until now.

turfgrass clay model prey experiment setup

How Insect Interactions Vary by Height in Turfgrass

Much like the different environments of a forest floor and treetops, interactions among insects and related arthropods vary within the much smaller-scale vertical zones of a turfgrass "canopy." Researchers using clay models of caterpillars to lure predatory arthropods are revealing what a difference a few centimeters can make.

Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens)

Artificial Intelligence Performs Key Step in Fruit Fly Management

Determining the precise age of mass-reared fruit flies is a critical step in managing them in the wild via the sterile insect technique. Researchers in Mexico have applied machine-learning algorithms that can accurately measure the age of fruit fly pupae to properly time irradiation.