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diagram of Stewart platform inspired by honey bee abdomen

diagram of Stewart platform inspired by honey bee abdomen

Researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing have found that the internal muscle structure of a honey bee (Apis mellifera) abdomen resembles a mechanical device known as a Stewart platform. In this schematic diagram of the honey bee abdomen segment structure, each tergum is connected to a sternum by six “lateral connection structures” (L1-L6) that look rather like the shocks on a car. The lateral connection structures, which are made of muscle, have connection points—b1-b6 on the tergum (trg4) and B1-B6 on the sternum (stm4)—such that their contraction and extension offer considerable flexibility, especially to the tergum. (MP denotes moving platform, and BP denotes base platform.) (Image originally published in Liang et al 2019, Journal of Insect Science)

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