How to Talk to a Reporter About Entomology

Best Research Vehicle in the World?

What can you do as a scientist to get the best, most accurate coverage of your research? Tips on working with reporters.

The Best of Denver: What to See and How to Get There During Entomology 2017

16th Street Mall

By Alix Whitener, BCE-Intern Editor’s Note: As Entomology 2017 arrives, today we conclude our five-part “Students at #EntSoc17” series on Entomology Today, in which members of ESA’s Student Affairs Committee share what fellow student members need to know to be prepared to ignite, inspire, and innovate at Entomology 2017.  Amid the whirlwind of activity planned for […]

Little Yellow Ant is Next Invasive to Arrive in Florida

little yellow ant

“It was just a matter of time before it showed up,” says Thomas Chouvenc, Ph.D. The little yellow ant (Plagiolepis alluaudi) is a tropical species, native to Madagascar, but it had made its way to the Caribbean sometime in the past decade. And now it’s been found in Florida. Chouvenc is an assistant professor of […]

(Soon To Be) Live From Entomology 2017: Q&A With Hosts of This Week in Science

This Week in Science hosts

Among many highlights on the slate for Entomology 2017—which starts this Sunday, believe it or not—is a live recording of the long-running podcast This Week in Science. Hosts Kiki Sanford, Ph.D., Blair Bazdarich, and Justin Jackson will be onsite for what will be their first-ever episode conducted in the midst of a scientific society conference. […]

Pennies for Parasitoids: Savings Add Up When Rearing Wasps on Alternate Hosts

Telenomus remus on Spodoptera frugiperda eggs

By Edward Ricciuti Getting more bang for the buck out of mass production is the Holy Grail for manufacturers, whether they are making automobiles, appliances, or natural enemies that can be used as biological control agents against pest insects.  Sometimes, as research in Brazil suggests, the most cost-effective method requires a little tweaking of what […]