Communicating Entomology Through Video: Q&A With Aaron Pomerantz

Aaron Pomerantz

Aaron Pomerantz’s work in the Integrative Biology Department at the University of California, Berkeley, includes the exploration of butterfly wing formation, which he showcases in the time-lapse video above, published in March 2017. In the final installment of our three-part series on video communication for entomologists, we hear from Aaron Pomerantz, graduate student at University […]

Science Communication and Social Media at ICE 2016

During the 2016 International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, Florida, a symposium called “Weaving Your Web: Science Communication and Social Media for Insect Scientists” was held. Three of the speakers — Aaron Pomerantz (with Mike Bentley), Rayda Krell, Carly M. Tribull — allowed their presentations to be videotaped, which you can see below. Aaron Pomerantz […]

Entomophagy at the 2016 International Congress of Entomology

Aaron Pomerantz, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, recently attended a symposium on entomophagy — the eating of insects — at the 2016 International Congress of Entomology. In the following video, we see the reactions of people eating various types of insects, and watch as Aaron and his friend Amanda talk to […]

A Strange Butterfly-Ant Relationship Discovered in Peru

By Aaron Pomerantz Phil Torres and I recently described the never-before-seen life history of Adelotypa annulifera, a metalmark butterfly in the family Riodinidae. While many riodinid butterfly species are known to have a symbiotic relationship between their caterpillars and ants, this appears to be the first documented case where the adult butterflies co-exist with ants. […]

Caterpillar Depends on Parasitic Plants and Nectar-drinking Ants

Several months ago, Aaron Pomerantz was walking through the Peruvian rain forest and he found a tree with strange yellow bulbs protruding from the bark. In addition, he found caterpillars feeding on the yellow bulbs, and he noticed ants were interacting with the caterpillars in some sort of symbiotic relationship. After doing some research, he […]