Communicating Entomology Through Video: Q&A With Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith video screenshot

“Escape From the Jaws of Death!” was the winner of the 2015 ESA YouTube Your Entomology Contest. Co-creator Adrian Smith, Ph.D., says one of his primary goals in communicating science through video is to get insect scientists on screen talking about their research and why they do it. YouTube processes enough searches every year to […]

Study Uncovers Unseen Details and Images of Ant Development

Obrunneus trap-jaw ant first instar larvae head

By Adrian Smith, Ph.D. Trap-jaw ants, with their spring-loaded jaws and powerful stings, are among the fiercest insect predators, but they begin their lives as spiny, hairy, fleshy blobs hanging from the ceiling and walls of an underground nest. New research provides the first detailed descriptions of the larval developmental stages of three species of […]

Different Insect Species Use Different Chemicals to Identify Queens

For years it was thought that ants, wasps, and other eusocial insects used a common class of chemical compounds to distinguish queens from workers and other members of their colonies or hives. However, new research shows that these chemical signals are very different, even between closely related species. “These chemical signatures are incredibly important, because […]