Study Finds Bees Can Have Their Wildflowers and Almonds, Too

wildflowers by almond orchard

By Josh Lancette New research published this week in the journal Environmental Entomology shows that planting wildflowers next to almond orchards does not cause fewer honey bees to visit the orchard. This finding is important because it shows wildflower plantings can help keep bee populations healthy while also not harming almond crops. “Establishing flowering field-edge […]

Obscure Mealybug Found on Almond Trees for First Time in California

By Jhalendra Rijal Pseudococcus viburni  has been found for the first time in almond crops in California. This insect is not just an obscure mealybug, it is THE obscure mealybug — that’s the official common name assigned to it by the Entomological Society of America. Previously known to be a pest of grapes in coastal […]

New Lure Will Help Almond Growers Battle the Navel Orangeworm

For the past 50 years, a moth known as the navel orangeworm (Amyelois transitella) has been the number-one insect pest of almonds. Females lay eggs on the almonds, and the larvae that hatch feed on the nuts. In addition, the larvae wreak further havoc by inadvertently spreading spores of mold-forming Aspergillus flavus or A. parasiticus […]