Research Sheds Light on Mysteries of the ‘Shadow Ghost’ Firefly

Phausis inaccensa male and female

As a species of firefly, Phausis inaccensa doesn’t quite live up to the popular perception of glowing flyers lighting up summer nights. P. inaccensa males lack lanterns, and females, meanwhile, do glow, but they lack wings. Hence their nickname, “shadow ghosts.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, not a lot is known about P. inaccensa. But two researchers who […]

More Overwintering Monarch Butterflies Died in March 2016 Snowstorm Than First Estimated

Monarch butterflies killed in winter storm

A much greater number of monarch butterflies perished in a snowstorm in March 2016 in Mexico than previously estimated, according to new research. Analysis of damage from the storm—and the ensuing salvage logging—sheds further light on the precarious state of the famed butterflies’ overwintering colonies. Approximately 30-38 percent of the monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) in […]

Survey: Bed Bugs Are the Last Thing Travelers Want to See in a Hotel Room, Even Though Most Can’t ID Them

bed bugs in upholstery

Most business and leisure travelers in the United States can’t identify a bed bug, and yet the tiny pest evokes a stronger response in hotel guests than any other potential room deficiency—putting the hospitality industry in a difficult spot. In a survey of U.S. travelers conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky, 60 percent […]

Teaching Curriculum for Bed Bug Prevention Proves Its Worth

bed bug

When the big yellow bus arrives at school in the morning, it could be unloading more than just kids. In communities where bed bugs (Cimex lectularius Linnaeus) are present, children’s book bags are one of their favorite places to hitch a ride to a new home. Preventing this kind of spread is a core element […]

Researchers Find the Golden Ratio in a Butterfly’s Proboscis

The mysterious Golden Ratio is an incommensurable number which occurs organically throughout the universe. Beginning as 1.61803, the Golden Ratio continues forever without repeating, similar to Pi. Artists and architects have employed the number to guide design, and in the natural world the Golden Ratio often appears in the shape of a spiral. For example, […]