Eight New Stiletto Fly Species Discovered in Australia


Two new genera and eight new species of stiletto flies have been discovered in Australia, and are described in the journal ZooKeys. The first new genus is called Sidarena, which “is derived from the Greek Sideros, meaning iron, referring to the broad metallic-grey stripe typically present on the thorax; and arena, referring to its habit […]

Letters Home from the 2004 International Congress of Entomology in Australia


Editor’s note: The author, Tom Sappington, attended four different International Congresses of Entomology, from 1996-2008, and sent hand-written letters home during each of them. The following, the third part of four, is unedited text from his trip to Brisbane, Australia for the 2004 Congress. Part I: Florence, Italy, 1996 — Part II, Iguassu Falls, Brazil, […]

Who, What, and Where Do Mosquitoes Bite?


By Cameron Webb Mosquitoes bite. They need to bite. Female mozzies require the nutritional hit of a bloodmeal to develop eggs. The blood can come from many different animals. Some mosquitoes are fussy with highly specific tastes, while others will feed on whoever, or whatever, is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Understanding […]

A New Genus of Plant Bug, Plus Four New Species from Australia


A new genus of plant bug and four new species have been discovered in Australia. The newly discovered insects, which belong to the family Miridae and the subfamily Phylinae, are described in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America. Stephanie Leon and Christiane Weirauch, two entomologists from the University of California, Riverside, examined 761 […]

Eleven New Digger Wasp Species Discovered in Australia


After being mostly neglected for more than a hundred years, a group of digger wasps from Australia has been given a major overhaul in terms of species descriptions and identification methods. This approach has led to an almost 50% rise in the number of recognized species of these wasps on the continent. The study was […]

Four New Bee Species Discovered in Australia


Four new native bee species have been recognized as part of the largest Australian nature discovery project, called “Bush Blitz.” The South Australian bee specialists used molecular and morphological evidence to prove them as new. Three of the species had narrow heads and long mouth parts — adaptations to foraging on flowers of emu-bushes, which […]

New Species of Gall-Inducing Insect Found in Australia


A University of Queensland graduate has identified a previously unknown species of insect living within reach of Australian suburbia. Thomas Semple investigated the insect responsible for bush coconuts in South East Queensland last year as part of his studies. “Bush coconuts, also known as bloodwood apples, are a type of bush tucker,” Mr, Semple said. […]

Three New Millipede Species Discovered in Australia


A tiny new millipede — just one centimeter long — has been found which is only known to occur within the city of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. It was discovered in a city park by two local naturalists, Wade and Lisa Clarkson. Working with millipede specialist Dr. Bob Mesibov of Launceston’s Queen Victoria Museum and Art […]

New Primitive Moth FAMILY Discovered in Australia


It’s pretty cool when a new insect species is discovered. It’s even more exciting when scientists find a new genus. But a new family? That’s pretty amazing and doesn’t happen very often. But it did recently, on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. This is the first time since the 1970s that a new family of […]

Blind Cave Beetles Lack Eyes but Still Have Sight Genes


University of Adelaide researchers have made a surprising discovery which seems to challenge the traditional Darwinian view of evolution. A team led by Dr. Simon Tierney discovered that a species of blind water beetle expresses opsin genes which are usually only found in species with eyes, even though this species has lived underground for millions […]