American Sweetgum Picks Up a Beetle Pest in China

Acanthotomicus sp. adult

By Meredith Swett Walker If you’ve ever traveled overseas, you may have had the unfortunate experience of picking up a foreign microbe that made you ill. Humans, though, aren’t alone in their susceptibility to disease or injury when they stray outside their familiar milieu of microbes and hazards. Even trees suffer traveler’s illness—for instance, the […]

Study Confirms Effectiveness of Cheap, Simple Traps for Citizen Science Project

By Kaine Korzekwa By asking members of the public to capture and send beetles in for research, scientists at the University of Florida are using “citizen science” to get a better idea of the distribution of invasive beetle species in the southeastern United States. “It’s actually very hard for scientists to do a large-scale project […]

Entomologist Uses Fungus to Manage Bark Beetles

As Arizona and other western states face ongoing drought conditions, the region’s pine forests are becoming more vulnerable to bark beetles, which attack and kill stressed trees, increasing wildfire danger. Dr. Rich Hofstetter, an entomologist at Northern Arizona University, is working with a fungus that kills the beetles. “We have isolated particular strains and are […]

Using Citizen Science to Track Insects Across the U.S.

By Richard Levine Yesterday during the annual meeting of the National Science Writers Association, I sat in on a presentation by University of Florida entomologists Andrea Lucky and Jiri Hulcr about their “Citizen Science” projects. Basically, the idea is to get non-scientists, especially children, involved in collecting and sending insects they find to the university, […]