In Enemy Garb: A New Explanation for Wasp Mimicry

wasp and moth mimics

By Michael Boppré, Ph.D. A yellow-black insect at the coffee table—”Help, a wasp!” But, often, it is just an innocent hover fly, unable to sting. It is hard for us to separate these very similar looking insects. In school we learn that many hover flies (and other insects) imitate wasps to be protected from predators […]

Baby Bird Mimics and Moves like a Caterpillar

Nature is full of examples of animals that mimic other animals to fool predators into thinking they’re toxic or dangerous. For example, some moths mimic wasps, and some flies mimic bees. One of the strangest examples of animal mimicry was recently reported in an article published in The American Naturalist. A South American bird called […]