A Potential New Tool in the Battle Against a Bee-Killing Bacteria

foulbrood bee larva

By Meredith Swett Walker It’s a beekeeper’s nightmare: She lifts the lid on her carefully tended hive and is greeted with a whiff of rotting flesh. Further inspection finds that the young bees of the colony, who should be plump, pearly-white larvae, have melted into a puddle of brownish goo at the bottom of their […]

Interview with Gene Kritsky on Insects in Ancient Egypt

Caroline Wazer, a staff writer at a website called History Buff, recently interviewed Gene Kritsky about his new book, The Tears of Re: Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt. Dr. Kritsky is professor and chair of biology at Mount St. Joseph University, an adjunct curator at the Cincinnati Museum Center, and he is editor-in-chief of American Entomologist. […]