By Recycling Leftover Genes, Beetles Make New Horns and Eyes

By Viviane Callier Beetle horns are tremendously varied structures, both within and between species: some beetles have them, some don’t. The ones that do have them have evolved many special shapes and sizes. This diversity arises from the reuse of embryonic patterning genes during adulthood, according to two new studies appearing in Journal of Experimental […]

Beneficial Beetle Diversity Blooms on Strip-Tilled Farms

By Andrew Porterfield Biodiversity of insects has become an important issue in agriculture. Large-scale, intensive agricultural practices involve mechanically tilling the soil, managing pests with chemicals, and the use of plastic mulches and covers. While these practices control pests and increase crop yields, they can also reduce the populations of beneficial insects. Organic and conventional […]

32 New Beetle Species Identified from New Brunswick, Canada

In 1991, 1,365 beetle species were known from New Brunswick. That number increased to 2,703 by 2013, but there were still gaps in the knowledge of the coleopteran fauna. Now a group of insect specialists have joined forces in the name of their love for beetles, and have compiled their findings from the last three […]

Help Name a Beetle Species with Spectacular Genitalia After Stephen Colbert

By Michael L. Ferro Amazingly, many animals can only be told apart by their tallywhackers, and there is one that is so amazing that it needs to be named after the man with a million balls: Stephen Colbert. And YOU can support the project that will make this happen at! For whatever reason — […]

52-million-year-old Beetle Fossil is Oldest Known Practitioner of Myrmecophily

Scientists have uncovered the fossil of a 52-million-year old beetle that was probably able to live alongside ants by preying on their eggs and usurping resources within the comfort of their own nest. The fossil, encased in a piece of amber from India, is the oldest-known example of this kind of social parasitism, known as […]