Study on Insect Decline Highlights Need for Enhanced Research and Conservation

malaise trap in German field

No doubt you saw the headlines last week: Insects are in serious trouble, @edyong209 reports. — The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) October 19, 2017 A study published in PLOS ONE reports a decline of more than 75 percent in insect biomass over a 27-year period in western Germany. Researchers with the Entomological Society Krefeld used […]

Unique Relationship Between Joshua Tree and Moth Documented for First Time

yucca moth oviposition

By Edward Ricciuti Rubbing elbows with UFO buffs snooping about the perimeter of nearby Area 51, scientists have set up shop in the Nevada desert near the town of Rachel, “UFO Capital of the World,” seeking to solve a mystery surrounding life right here on Earth: How did it become so incredibly diverse? Camped out […]

Surveys of Corn and Soybean Fields Reveal Implications for Pollinator Conservation

Although corn and soybeans do not need insects for pollination, they do offer floral resources that are used by insect pollinators. So what kind of insects are commonly found in corn and soybean fields? The answer to that question can be found in a new article published in Environmental Entomology. Researchers from Iowa State University […]

Researchers Find Hundreds of Arthropod Species in U.S. Homes

The first study to evaluate the biodiversity of arthropods in U.S. homes has found that humans share their houses with more than 500 different kinds of arthropods such as insects, spiders, mites, and centipedes. “This was exploratory work to help us get an understanding of which arthropods are found in our homes,” said Matt Bertone, […]

Bison Grazing Increases Arthropod Diversity and Abundance in Tallgrass Prairie

American bison are big. They can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds and they eat a lot — so much in fact that they can change the ecosystems where they graze. Dr. Matthew D. Moran, a professor at Hendrix College, decided to find out how bison grazing affects insects and other arthropods at the Tallgrass […]