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Tag: Bombus impatiens

Closeup of brown, fuzzy kiwifruit hanging from a horizontal branch in an orchard, with a grower's hand reaching up to pick the fruit from below.

Next Time You Eat a Kiwifruit, Don’t Thank a Bee

Honey bees and bumble bees excel at pollinating wide varieties of plants and crops, but kiwifruit is not one of them. A study investigating kiwifruit pollination methods found fruit developed on barely 3 percent of bee-pollinated flowers, leaving artificial pollination (by human hand) as the primary choice for kiwifruit growers.

Honey Bee

Even Moderate Drought Conditions are Bad for Bees

A new study finds that reduced water availability—even if not quite drought conditions—lessens the quality of floral resources for honey bees and bumble bees, in turn negatively affecting their survival and reproduction rates.