This Wasp’s Larvae Sometimes Grow Hundreds of Soldier Clones—But Why?

Copidosoma floridanum

Imagine, for a moment, having 3,000 twin sisters. You all live inside a caterpillar, but it’s home, and your numbers serve as a veritable army against any trespassers. Such is the life of the parasitoid wasp Copidosoma floridanum, one of the insect world’s most fascinating examples of polyembryony, in which multiple embryos form from a […]

Novel Genes Determine Different Castes in Ant Colonies

An ant colony generally consists of a queen and workers that perform different tasks, such as brood care, foraging, or nest defense. This behavioral specialization may be accompanied by morphological and physiological differences — ants from the same colony may look very different from each other, dependent on their caste, despite having similar genetic backgrounds. […]