A Cockroach and a Cacophonous Case of Careless Characters


By Dominic Evangelista As a subject editor for the journal Zookeys, I recently officiated one paper that recounted an incredible story. The paper by Xin-Ran Li and Zong-Qing Wang addresses one very specific taxonomic problem of a little suffix for a very cute cockroach. Typically, human classification schemes bring slightly more order to the complex […]

New Wood-eating Cockroach Species Found in China


Chinese scientists have found a new species of cockroach, and a new subspecies. Unlike the cockroach pests that most of us are familiar with, these live outdoors and eat wood. The new species and subspecies are described in the journal ZooKeys. Nearly 4,600 species of cockroach are found worldwide, but only 30 or so are […]

May Berenbaum Receives New Species of Cockroach Named After Her


Earlier this year, a PhD student named Dominic Evangelista wrote a blog post for Entomology Today where he described a new species of cockroach he had discovered, and offered to name it after the person who donated the most money to his future research efforts. The highest bidder turned out to be none other than […]

Vengeful Taxonomy: Your Chance to Name a New Species of Cockroach


By Dominic Evangelista We’ve recently discovered a new species of cockroach in the genus Xestoblatta. It’s dirty, it’s ugly, it’s smelly, and it needs a name. As part of our campaign to fund a project about how tropical landscapes drive evolution, we are offering the opportunity for anyone with enough cash to name this new […]

39 New Species of Cockroach Discovered in the Southwestern US and Mexico


A genus of cockroach in the poorly studied family Corydiidae has been revised for the first time since 1920. The revision has resulted in the discovery and description of 39 new species of Arenivaga, a genus which previously held nine species. The Corydiidae family of roaches is found worldwide and its constituents are frequently found […]

After a 49-million-year Hiatus, a Cockroach Reappears in North America


The cockroach in the genus Ectobius is a major textbook example of an invasive organism, and it is the most common cockroach inhabiting a large region from northernmost Europe to southernmost Africa. Ectobius has a long fossil history in Europe, occurring in Baltic amber that is about 44 million-years old, and its lineage was believed […]

The Invasive Turkestan Cockroach is Displacing the Oriental Cockroach in the Southwestern U.S.


The Turkestan cockroach, Blatta lateralis (Walker), has become an important invasive species throughout the southwestern United States and has been reported in the southern United States. It is rapidly replacing the oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis (L.), in urban areas of the southwestern United States as the most important peri-domestic species. In 1978, the Turkestan cockroach […]

Cold-tolerant Cockroach from Asia has been Found in New York


With winter’s arrival comes the kind of news that may give New Yorkers the creeps. A species of cockroach never found in the United States before has been positively identified in Manhattan. Unlike the roaches that New York residents have known and hated for years, this variety can survive not just indoors where it’s warm, […]

Cockroach Farms Catching on in China


In August, we read media reports about a million cockroaches escaping from a Chinese farm. Now an article in the Los Angeles Times reports that cockroach farming may be more widespread than previously thought. According to the article, there are more than 100 cockroach farms in China. The species of choice is the American cockroach, […]

Remote-Controlled Cockroaches and Moths


An assistant professor at North Carolina State University, Dr. Alper Bozkurt, has developed a way to remotely control insects, just as one can remotely control toy cars or helicopters. Beginning with a Madagascar hissing cockroach, he created a “biobot.” “We implant electrodes in the muscles and the sensory organs of the insects,” Bozkurt said. “We […]