Old, But Not That Old: Debunking the Myth of Ancient Cockroaches

Gyna lurida

By Dominic Anthony Evangelista, Ph.D. and Manpreet Kohli Cockroaches are not 300 million years old. They might not even be 200 million years old. In fact, the oldest cockroaches known from the fossil record are only 125-140 million years old, hardly the ancient and immortal beasts claimed by some. In our new paper published in […]

New Checklist of Guiana Shield Highlights Cockroach Diversity in the Americas

Cockroaches that mimic beetles, semi-aquatic cockroaches, and cockroaches that live only in forest canopies … These are only a few of the 234 cockroach species listed as the known fauna of the Guiana Shield in a new paper published in the journal ZooKeys. It turns out that the Guiana Shield — a large region in […]

Female Cockroaches Reproduce Faster When Touched

A study by researchers at North Carolina State University demonstrates that female cockroaches reproduce faster when they are touched by other cockroaches. In fact, they found that even the touch of artificial antennae in the lab induced the females to develop and lay eggs faster. Female cockroaches that get touched by other female cockroaches — […]