32 New Beetle Species Identified from New Brunswick, Canada


In 1991, 1,365 beetle species were known from New Brunswick. That number increased to 2,703 by 2013, but there were still gaps in the knowledge of the coleopteran fauna. Now a group of insect specialists have joined forces in the name of their love for beetles, and have compiled their findings from the last three […]

Two New Dung Beetle Species Found in Mexico


A Mexican-Italian research team discovered two new dung beetle species in Mexico while carrying out a biodiversity study in conserved forests and cattle-grazing sites. The new species are described in the journal ZooKeys. As their name suggests, dung beetles are insects that feed mainly on mammal faeces. For decades, an international research team, led by […]

Termitophilic Scarab Beetles Found Hiding in Brazilian Termite Colonies


Termite soldiers are able to chemically detect intruders in their colonies. While most trespassers are swiftly dealt with, some spiders, centipedes, millipedes, and insects are allowed to find shelter within termite nests. These arthropods are known as “termitophiles.” Now for the first time ever, an international team of scientists has provided a record of chafer […]

New Predaceous Diving Beetle Named after Pinocchio


Beetles in the family Dytiscidae are known as predaceous diving beetles. According to the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, they are all aquatic and both adults and larvae are known to attack a wide variety of aquatic organisms. Twenty-three new species in the genus Exocelina were recently discovered in New Guinea, and they’ve been […]

Another Insect Named after Sir David Attenborough


Earlier this year, a 20-million-year-old pygmy locust found in amber was named after Sir David Attenborough. Now the British naturalist and filmmaker has been honored once again, this time with a new species of beetle that has been named in his honor — Trigonopterus attenboroughi. Researchers discovered 98 new species of the beetle genus Trigonopterus […]

Scientists from China and Italy Name New Beetle after Marco Polo


A team of Chinese and Italian scientists have discovered a new species of beetle which they’ve named after Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant who was one of the first Europeans to visit and write about China back in the 13th century. The beetle’s name — Hycleus marcipoli — is “a tribute to the collaboration established […]

New Species of “Gargoyle Beetle” Named for LSU Professor Dorothy Prowell


Entomologists from Louisiana State University have described two new species of staphylinid beetles in the genus Batrisodes, bringing the total diversity of the genus in North America to 88 species. The first, Batrisodes dorothae, was found in the Feliciana Preserve in Lousiana. The second, Batrisodes spretoides, was found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park […]

Two New Species of Carabid Beetles Found in Ethiopia


There are more than 150 species of beetles in the genus Calathus, 17 of which have only been found in the mountains of the Ethiopian Highlands. Now scientists have found two new ones — Calathus juan and Calathus carballalae — and have described them in Annals of the Entomological Society of America. C. juan is […]

24 New Beetle Species Discovered in the Lachnophorini Tribe


An extensive study by scientists at the Smithsonian Institution adds a new genus and 24 new species to the carabid beetle tribe Lachnophorini. The study was published in the open access journal ZooKeys. “For a fairly large and diverse tribe of Carabidae with markedly interesting body forms and divergent ways of life, the Lachnophorini have […]

Oldest Rove Beetle in the Omaliini Tribe Found in French Amber


An international team of scientists from Spain, France, and the U.S. has discovered and described a rove beetle that is the oldest definitive member of the tribe Omaliini that has ever been found in amber. The discovery and description were made possible through the use of the propagation phase-contrast X-ray synchrotron imaging technique, which allows […]