Farm to Trough: How House Flies Could Reduce Waste and Feed Livestock

house fly

As the global human population continues to rise, researchers are turning to the potential role insects might play in growing the global food supply. A new study from researchers at Cornell University points to the house fly (Musca domestica) as a viable source of a protein-rich food source—not for humans, but for livestock. As reported […]

Plant Breeders Release Alfalfa that’s Resistant to Snout Beetles

The alfalfa snout beetle (Otiorhynchus ligustici) has been ravaging alfalfa fields in nine northern New York counties and across the St. Lawrence River in Canada, and the pesky beetle has been spreading. The snout beetle’s larvae feed on and damage the alfalfa plant’s roots, limiting yields for this major livestock feed. To combat the pest, […]

100 Tiny Predatory Beetle Species Discovered in Tahiti

A collaborative biological survey that focused on the insects of French Polynesia has resulted in the discovery of over 100 tiny predatory beetle species in Tahiti, 28 of these species newly described in the open-access journal ZooKeys. The predatory beetles range in size from 3-8 mm long, and have evolutionarily lost their flight wings, making […]