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Entomology 2021

Entomology 2021: Attendees Share Early Favorites Among On-Demand Presentations, Posters

Entomology 2021 opened on-demand virtual content last week, and Entomology Today asked some participants to share some of their favorite presentations and posters so far. Get a glimpse into the wealth of knowledge available at the ESA Annual Meeting, taking place in person October 31 - November 3, with virtual content available now through January 31, 2022.

Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu, Ph.D.

How One Entomologist’s Multidisciplinary Work Aims to Improve Bee Health

Meet Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu, Ph.D., whose research to understand and mitigate stressors on bee health earned her a spot in the Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium at Entomology 2021. Learn more about Chakrabarti Basu and her work in the next installment of our "Standout Early Career Professionals" series.

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