Entomologists Say Harassment and Bullying in Science are “#NeverOK”

NeverOK table at Entomology 2017

At Entomology 2017, a group of entomologists sought to facilitate a conversation among ESA members and conference participants about the issues of bullying and harassment in our workplaces and at ESA conferences. Whether we are eager to admit it or not, the scientific community is not free of such conflicts.

The Role of School Nurses in Integrated Pest Management for Public Health

tick cubes and spoon

In the last 15 years, many states have started requiring schools to practice integrated pest management. This may seem odd, but a school campus is essentially a large public property, and any property, be it a building or open space, has pests. Usually, IPM efforts in schools focus on facility managers or custodians. But school nurses deal directly with the effects of these pests on students and can be an important addition to the IPM team.

A Place for Engineering in Entomology

bee emergence device

By Meredith Swett Walker Meghan Bennett, a Ph.D., student studying the alfalfa leafcutting bee (Megachile rotundata), was interested in how the bees time their emergence from their nest cells. She needed to record exactly what time the bees emerge in relation to different environmental cues. But collecting this kind of data requires watching nest cells […]

Highlights From the Highlighted Posters at Entomology 2017

Catherine Dana highlighted poster

The Highlighted Posters at Entomology 2017 were selected by the Program Committee to exemplify the meeting theme of “ignite. inspire. innovate.” And they illustrate the incredible diversity of ideas, fields of study, and careers that fall under the umbrella of entomology.

First Impressions of Entomology 2017 From First-Time Attendees

Stephanie Anderson, Tanner Peltier, and Mina Jeong

Among the more than 3,500 insect scientists in attendance at Entomology 2017, about 1,100 are experiencing their very first Entomological Society of America annual meeting. Many are new ESA members as well, and ESA extended a special welcome to them at the New Member Reception on Sunday evening. Entomology Today visited the reception to talk […]