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ICE 2016 expo hall

The International Congress of Entomology: 112 Years and Counting

Since 1910, the quadrennial International Congress of Entomology has provided a forum for advancing the frontiers of entomological research and a stage for facilitating collaboration, resolving differences, and promoting camaraderie in a scientific community that has become large, diverse, and broadly dispersed. On the eve of the XXVI ICE in Helsinki, learn about the origins of the global conference that brings the world's entomology community together.

2019 ESA Student Debates

Meet the Committee Working to Grow the Next Generation of Entomologists

Undergraduate and graduate students in entomology and related fields are a vital subset of ESA members, and much of what ESA offers students is developed and designed by student volunteers. Learn more about ESA's Student Affairs Committee, various student activities, and how you can get involved.