Maggots, Math, and More: Get to Know the Job of a Forensic Entomologist

forensic entomology scene sweep net

By Denise Gemmellaro This is the third in a series of posts on forensic entomology. Read earlier posts in the series and stay tuned for future posts in the coming weeks here on Entomology Today. Although a somewhat new discipline, medicolegal forensic entomology is affirmed enough to have some common guidelines upon which forensic entomologists […]

If You’re Trying to Find Insects in the Forest, Look Up

Earlier this week, the Lyman Entomological Museum blog posted a piece about an article that appears in the journal Environmental Entomology. It describes how researchers from McGill University explored the changes in beetle and fly diversity as they went from ground level up to the canopy in maple forests in southern Quebec. Although the different […]

In Battle Against Flies, Don’t Toss Old Light Bulbs

Restaurants and supermarkets could save millions of dollars by hanging on to bug zapper bulbs instead of tossing them every year as they normally do, a new University of Florida study has found. What’s more, the benefits could extend to the environment by keeping some of the bulbs’ mercury out of the waste stream. Phil […]

Out of Africa: More Strange Flies

Originally posted on Lyman Entomological Museum:
Preamble: The fly family Chloropidae (the frit flies or grass flies or eye gnats) is one of the most geographically widespread, abundant, species-rich, and ecologically diverse families of flies on Earth. Although almost 3000 species have been described, and some species are pests of crops, livestock and humans, we…