Entomologists Talk About Twitter at Entomology 2015


By Derek Woller Twitter — some love it and some are indifferent, but I think we can all agree that it’s rapidly changing how people communicate with one another on a global scale, particularly when it comes to science. In this video, I challenge three of the most prolific entomological tweeters in North America — […]

Five Ways to Improve your Science Writing

girl writing

Summary of the “Writing for a General Audience” workshop at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America.

Educator Workshop at Entomology 2014 in Portland


By Gwen Pearson “I need an ant. Who’s got an ant?” That comment came from Angela Vossenkuhl, director of Concordia University Undergraduate studies in the College of Education. She was building a pitfall trap as part of a workshop held to encourage educators to use insects in the classroom. The Entomological Foundation teacher workshop was […]

How to NOT Write Like a Scientist


Want to get better at writing for a general audience? Check out this workshop at Entomology 2014 in Portland next month!

A Tour of Portland with the Bug Chicks


By Gwen Pearson ESA’s 62nd Annual Meeting will be held November 16-19, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. Portland is an amazing city, and home to The Bug Chicks, two of my favorite insect educators. Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker create insect-related educational materials for clients as diverse as NPR Science Friday to the Norman Borlaug Institute […]

Interview with Shelah Morita on Science Policy and Entomology

Product Cycle for Nanotechnology Risk Assessment

By Gwen Pearson As someone who’s had a bit of a meandering career path, I’m always interesting in talking to others who have found happiness off the tenure track. I was excited to have a chance to sit down with Shelah Morita, AAAS Energy, Environment, and Agriculture Fellow, at the recent ESA meeting in Austin. […]

Art, Science, and Insects

Image Credits L-R Matt Norris, Mindy Lighthipe, Marjorie Moore, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger

By Gwen Pearson Insects have inspired humans for centuries; some of the earliest human art features insects. Certainly many entomologists have been notable artists, with styles ranging from Maria Sibylla Merian‘s paintings to Paul Catts‘ wonderful cartoons and sketches. This year’s ESA National Meeting coincided with an art show highlighting some of the many wonderful […]

Breakfast, Women in Entomology, and a Revolution

2013 Women In Entomology Breakfast

By Gwen Pearson Twenty-four years ago, at the 1989 ESA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, pink notes began appearing in the women’s restrooms. It was a notice for a networking breakfast for women in Section B (now the PBT section). The goal was to help female ESA members to network with other women, and to […]

1,300 People Attend the 2013 Austin Insect Rodeo Expo


By Gwen Pearson The Insect Expo Rides again! After a long hiatus, the Entomological Foundation and ESA hosted the 2013 Austin Insect Rodeo Expo. The Expo is a free outreach event for kids of all ages. Over 1,300 people attended the Expo, hosted at the Bullock State History Museum. Fifty entomologists volunteered to help and happily […]

The ESA National Meeting Approaches


By Gwen Pearson The Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America is the largest insect meeting in the world. There are usually about 3,000 insect scientists of all kinds, from every continent except Antarctica.  Talks start at 8:00 AM and run until 9:00 PM at night. For four days. By the end you just […]