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Tag: integrated pest management

Macrosaccus morrisella adult

Leaf-Mining Moth May Be New Pest of Soybean

Reports in Canada and Minnesota have documented Macrosaccus morrisella, a native leaf-mining moth species, infesting soybean. While the potential threat the species poses to soybean crops remains to be seen, a new guide in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management profiles the species and alerts growers on what to watch for.

corn earworm on hemp bud

A Budding Problem: Managing Corn Earworm in Commercial Hemp Production

The corn earworm is an emerging pest of commercial hemp production throughout the U.S. Boring through stalks and feeding on reproductive structures, this pest presents several management challenges for hemp producers. While integrated pest management strategies for more traditional agricultural crops are established, much work is still needed to develop effective IPM for the corn earworm in hemp.

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