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Tag: integrated pest management

Community-Wide Integrated Tick Management: Not Cheap, New Study Shows

Effective and affordable tick management at the community level has long been sought after, but a new study shows the necessary costs remain steep. An analysis of integrated tick management models in a sample 1,000-acre, 320-home community find even a two-part program could cost about $400 per household, with more robust programs raising the price even more.

What’s Eating Your Pine Needles? Sawflies, Probably

Conifer sawflies are common herbivores throughout North America. Typically little more than a nuisance to individual trees, large outbreaks are capable of defoliating thousands of forested acres in a very short time. A new review in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management summarizes what we know about conifer sawflies in eastern North America, provides an identification key for larvae and outlines management options for both managed and natural landscapes.

Closeup of the underside of a tree leaf, held vertically, showing more than a dozen small greenish-black caterpillars gathered closely together as they eat away at the leaf.

Much Ado About Nothing? End-of-Summer Defoliation Heats Up

While their damage may be unsightly, many common caterpillar species that emerge in late summer to munch on tree leaves are generally not a significant threat to tree health. A new guide in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management takes a closer look at these late-season defoliators and offers tips for management.