Citizen Science Project Wants YOU to Collect Cabbage White Butterflies

By Anne Espeset This past summer a few graduate students, including Sean Ryan (University of Notre Dame) and Anne Espeset (University of Nevada, Reno), launched The Pieris Project, a citizen science project that asks people from all over the world to help collect cabbage white butterflies (Pieris rapae). The Pieris Project was founded with the […]

Big-headed Ants Are Biggest in Australia Due to Competition

The big-headed ant (Pheidole megacephala) is considered one of the world’s worst invasive ant species. As the name implies, its colonies include soldier ants with disproportionately large heads. Their giant, muscle-bound noggins power their biting parts, the mandibles, which they use to attack other ants and cut up prey. In a new study, researchers report […]