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Tag: Invasive species

Green Light: New ID Test Ready for Invasive Mealybug Pest

Identifying mealybug species is often a challenge, but the hibiscus mealybug (Nipaecoccus viridis) turns green in an alkaline solution—a unique indicator among mealybug species in Florida. Researchers have turned this discovery into a safe, accessible field diagnostic kit to aid growers and IPM pros in slowing the spread of this invasive pest.

Approximately two dozen spotted lanternflies amass in a sunny spot on the side of a tree in a shady forest.

Does Multiple Mating Help Spotted Lanternflies Spread?  

Producing offspring from multiple fathers can add much-needed genetic diversity to populations of invasive insects, which often arise from a small number of individuals. New research confirms such multiple paternity occurs in spotted lanternflies, though to what degree it aids their spread needs further study.