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Tag: Invasive species

side-by-side image of two spiders. at left, a brown widow, hanging vertically in webbing, showing its underside toward the viewer. the spider is dark brown to black in color, with an bright orange blotch on the bottom of its abdomen. at right is a black widow spider, hanging vertically on a stick, viewed from the side. the spider is dark black in color with a bright red splotch visible on the underside of its abdomen.

Brown Widow Spiders’ Aggression Likely Driver of Black Widow Decline

Black widow spiders have earned a fearsome reputation for their venomous bite. But in parts of the southern U.S. these spiders have much to fear themselves—from spider relatives who really don't like their company. A new study shows that brown widow spiders, of a species in the same genus, have a striking propensity to seek out and kill nearby black widows.

Cydalima perspectalis adult

Beware, Boxwoods: Another Pest is On the Horizon

Cydalima perspectalis, sometimes known as the box tree moth, is established in Canada and was recently found in the U.S. Feeding by this moth can devastate boxwood plants, which are commonly planted in landscapes across the country. A new review highlights the life cycle and potential impact of this pest and makes recommendations for scouting and management.