Highlights: Entomologists Join the Crowds to March for Science

March for Science - Andrea Lucky

On Saturday, entomologists stood up for science. In cities around the world, they gathered with scientists of myriad disciplines and non-scientists as well to remind the world about the critical role of science in human progress. Some traveled from a great distance to participate in the flagship March for Science in Washington, DC, while many […]

This Dragonfly’s Migratory Route is Even Longer than the Monarch Butterfly’s

A dragonfly called Pantala flavescens that is barely an inch and a half long appears to be the animal world’s most prolific long distance traveler, flying thousands of miles over oceans as it migrates from continent to continent, according to newly published research in the journal PLOS ONE. Biologists at Rutgers University found that populations […]

May Berenbaum Receives New Species of Cockroach Named After Her

Earlier this year, a PhD student named Dominic Evangelista wrote a blog post for Entomology Today where he described a new species of cockroach he had discovered, and offered to name it after the person who donated the most money to his future research efforts. The highest bidder turned out to be none other than […]

Entomologists Support Specimen Collections as Vital Component of Research

In April, 2014 an article called “Avoiding (Re)extinction” was published in Science magazine that said that collecting biological could “magnify the extinction risk” for some species, and that alternatives such as “high-resolution photography, audio recording, and non-lethal sampling” could be used instead. The article drew quite a response, as more than 60 international research institutions […]

Cold-tolerant Cockroach from Asia has been Found in New York

With winter’s arrival comes the kind of news that may give New Yorkers the creeps. A species of cockroach never found in the United States before has been positively identified in Manhattan. Unlike the roaches that New York residents have known and hated for years, this variety can survive not just indoors where it’s warm, […]