Avocado Trees Threatened by Beetles, Fungus

Back in 2011, Dr. Jiri Hulcr, co-author of Xyleborini of New Guinea, a Taxonomic Monograph (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae), warned that a subset of fungus-farming ambrosia beetles from southeast Asia could be a significant threat to avocado trees. “The redbay ambrosia beetle is originally from southeast Asia, where it colonizes dead wood exclusively. But since the […]

Using Citizen Science to Track Insects Across the U.S.

By Richard Levine Yesterday during the annual meeting of the National Science Writers Association, I sat in on a presentation by University of Florida entomologists Andrea Lucky and Jiri Hulcr about their “Citizen Science” projects. Basically, the idea is to get non-scientists, especially children, involved in collecting and sending insects they find to the university, […]