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Tag: John Roche

A bright red cardinal, viewed from the side and looking to the right, perches on a dead tree branch in front of a blurry brown and gray mottled background.

Even at the Zoo, Mosquitoes Favor Local Wild Birds for Meals

In a study of mosquitoes in and around the Nashville Zoo, northern cardinals were found to be the most common source of the mosquitoes' blood meals, despite more than 300 species of animals on exhibit. None the less, the study suggests zoos are a valuable resource for monitoring mosquito species diversity, biology, and pathogen presence.

Community-Wide Integrated Tick Management: Not Cheap, New Study Shows

Effective and affordable tick management at the community level has long been sought after, but a new study shows the necessary costs remain steep. An analysis of integrated tick management models in a sample 1,000-acre, 320-home community find even a two-part program could cost about $400 per household, with more robust programs raising the price even more.

The State of Insect Resistance to Transgenic Bt Crops

Crops engineered to produce insecticidal proteins from the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) have had many noteworthy successes in the past 25 years, but resistance to Bt crops has evolved in numerous instances, as well. A new research review examines global patterns of resistance to Bt crops and outlines strategies for maximizing sustainability of this important tool for pest management.