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Tag: K-12 STEM

A woman sits at a desk in front of a computer screen on which is a video showing a woman speaking on the left and an overhead view of a tarantula spider on the right.

Virtual Outreach: How Students Bring an Insect Zoo to an Entire State

The Kansas State University Insect Zoo has long been an on-campus attraction, but a student entomology club's efforts to create virtual engagement opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic have built a new model for outreach that continues to spread the educational value of the Insect Zoo far and wide.

Suchitra Dara

How One Aspiring Scientist is Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

Suchitra Dara got an early look at a career in science while helping out in her father's entomology lab during her K-12 years. Now the soon-to-be college student reflects on how that experience shaped her future aspirations and says hands-on science experiences could guide more young students along the path to STEM careers.