Fostering a New Generation of Cambodian Entomologists

Cambodian Entomology Initiatives lab team

By Laura Kraft This post is the fourth in the “Travel Bug” series by Laura Kraft, a recent graduate from the University of Georgia, who is chronicling her travels in Asia from an entomological perspective. See earlier posts from the series. Phallin Heang sits down to talk with me about her master’s thesis. The day […]

New Leafhopper Species Named after University of Illinois Entomologist

Three new species of leafhoppers from China in the genus Futasujinus were recently identified during a review of leafhoppers in museum collections in China, the UK, and Illinois. One of them, Futasujinus dietrichi, was “named after Dr. Chris Dietrich, University of Illinois, USA, in recognition of his good work on leafhoppers.” The new species are […]