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Tag: Leslie Mertz

Closeup of an adult blacklegged tick on a solid blue background. The tick is medium rusty brown in color except for a darker brown circular area at the top of its back. Its eight legs are spread out, with its mouthparts oriented upward.

In Mississippi, Blacklegged Ticks’ Seasonal Shift Deemed “Very Strange”

In decades of surveillance, adult blacklegged ticks have only been found in fall months in Mississippi. But in 2022, 13 adult blacklegged ticks were collected between June and September in locations across the state, the time of year when previously only larvae or nymphs were found. Scientists sharing the findings admit: They're quite puzzled.

western cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis indifferens)

Organic Coating Gives Cherries a Chance to Fend Off Fruit Flies

With an organic, food-grade coating sprayed on cherries in the orchard, western cherry fruit flies have difficulty gripping the fruit surface to lay eggs. Ongoing research is fine-tuning the coating formulation in hopes of creating a new tool for integrated pest management in cherries.