Maggots, Math, and More: Get to Know the Job of a Forensic Entomologist

forensic entomology scene sweep net

By Denise Gemmellaro This is the third in a series of posts on forensic entomology. Read earlier posts in the series and stay tuned for future posts in the coming weeks here on Entomology Today. Although a somewhat new discipline, medicolegal forensic entomology is affirmed enough to have some common guidelines upon which forensic entomologists […]

Zombies vs. Insects? The Living Dead Wouldn’t Stand a Chance

What’s that you say? This blog post has a sensationalist headline? Well, come on, it’s Saturday and Halloween will soon be here, so what the hell, right? Over at the BoingBoing blog, National Wildlife Federation naturalist David Mizejewski speculates on how nature would deal with a zombie outbreak, with a breakdown on how birds, mammals, […]