How Flashy Wings, UV Light, and Seasons All Play a Role in One Butterfly Species’ Mating Rituals

Bicyclus anynana butterflies mating

By Edward Ricciuti   Males of an African butterfly, with the improbable nickname of “squinting bush brown,” are the Lepidopteran version of chick magnets—if their generation of caterpillars chills out while it grows up. Caterpillars of this butterfly (Bicyclus anynana) that develop during the cool dry season flip traditional sex roles as adults when ready to mate […]

Functions of Grasshopper Genitalia Revealed, in 3D, Via Correlative Microscopy

Examples of Correlative Microscopy Technologies

For their study recently published in the Journal of Morphology, Derek Woller and Hojun Song created an animated, visual overview of all the anatomical components of both sexes of Melanoplus rotundipennis that were reconstructed in 3D using micro-CT scanning. By Derek A. Woller Grasshoppers have often been used in entomology textbooks and classrooms as model […]