Zinc-hardened Drill Bits Allow Parasitic Fig Wasps to Bore Holes to Lay Eggs

One of the main goals in the life of a female insect is to find the best place to lay her eggs. For one particular fig wasp (Apocryta westwoodi grandi), this involves boring through a tough, unripened fig with her immensely long ovipositor in order to find the larvae of other insects that are already […]

Virginia Entomologists Use Mexican Wasps to Help Indian Farmers

This could be the perfect, real-life representation of the theme for the next International Congress of Entomology — “Entomology without Borders.” Entomologists from Virginian Tech University discovered a devastating plant pest in India and devised a way to combat it naturally, saving Indian farmers up to $309 million the first year and more than $1 […]